Friday, 27 April 2012

Taggy turtle

[Spoiler warning: If you're in my I-spy swap and don't want to see any of the fabrics before your package arrives in the mail, look away now! This project uses the scrappy bits left over after I cut my charms.]

Yesterday I was cleaning the house, washing, shopping, tidying browsing Pinterest and surfing through the blogs it led me to, when I found this cute little pattern from Make It Love It (a great blog with lots of free patterns and lovely ideas).

I was planning on sewing a taggy snuggle blanket for a friend's baby, so it became a taggy turtle instead!

As normal, I'm incapable of following a pattern without adapting it somehow. I shrunk this a little from the original, cut the shell pieces in half (because the scraps I was using were only that big, and it worked well for adding my tags), switched out the feet for ribbon tags and added small ribbon tags along the seams.

I think he's gorgeous, and I hope his new owners will too.

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