Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Aeroplane activity centre

I'm travelling in a week or so with my son, who will just have turned one. Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and followed back to a blog post by Jeanine at Serving Pink Lemonade, I decided to make him an aeroplane activity centre, to fit over the plane's tray table. More Pinterest browsing on "quiet books" and "busy books" gave me loads of inspiration for activities I could use.

After many evenings of cutting, ironing, sewing, unpicking, resewing... It is finally finished!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

The activity centre folds into a little package with a handle.

You undo the velcro fastener, open it up, and turn the whole thing inside out to reveal the toys.

It should (hopefully!!!) fit over the tray on the plane seat. I made it a little wider than the measurements I found online, and fitted velcro straps that can be tightened on the back. The top straps should go over the back of the tray, and can fold over any excess if it's too tall.

The side strap goes through the buckle and back, where it can be pulled in to hold the activity centre tight.

The front is where everything is happening. ( I didn't put anything on the back, because I'm fairly sure I'll have to take it off to fold up the tray, it's way too thick to leave on and be able to "fasten the tray table in an upright position".)

On the left, there's a row of buttons with a ribbon to wind around them.

Next is a square of velcro fuzz, with four shapes to stick to it, a triangle, square, hexagon and star.

Under the velcro square is a string of buttons to slide back and forth.

In the middle is a frog on a lily pad.

The frog is on elastic, if you pull him and let go, he jumps back into place.

To the right is a square with four coloured circles each containing a magnet. There are four circles on strings that also have magnets, to match to the right colour. The circles on strings have a different colour on each side, and they can each reach two of the base circles.

If you try to put it on the wrong one, you have the wrong pole of the magnet, and it won't sit in place. You need to put it on the other circle, or turn it over.

Under the magnets is a plastic buckle.

On the far right is a butterfly on a press stud, that can snap onto a leaf, a flower or a cloud.

At the bottom of the tray is a zip. Sewn into the front seam are some cords of different texture, some rings on elastic, a carabiner and a loop to catch it on, and a pocket.

Inside the pocket are a stuffed heart and a stuffed sun. The heart is on elastic and the sun on a ribbon.

Along the side seams are small loops, so I can attach other toys on strings and carabiner hooks, if I want to.

I'm also hoping this will fit onto the pram bumper, with the top straps, so he can use it there as well.

That's it! I know a lot of this will be far beyond my LO yet, but I have no plans to make a new one of these any time soon!

If you'd like more information about how I made this, take a look at my next blog post: More detail about my aeroplane activity centre.

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  1. Your activity center turned out awesome! Thanks for linking back to me!